Comprehensive Evaluation

We are so fortunate to have cutting edge information, knowledge and technology available to us in dentistry. Computer based programs, lasers, CAD technology, implant dentistry, porcelain cosmetic makeovers, periodontal procedures that are painless, biotechnology that includes regenerative materials and growth factors, CAT Scan programs…and the list goes on. Many times, these technologies are incredibly useful. And sometimes they are not.

The fact is that even with all the advances in information and technology, an experienced, trained and knowledgeable practitioner is still required to understand how these technologies are to be meaningfully applied to each individuals particular circumstance. In other words, a thorough understanding of YOU, the patient is necessary before any type of recommendations can be made.

And despite all the advances in the world, the single most important gift your dentist or medical doctor can give you is TIME and a COMPREHENSIVE and THOROUGH EVALUATION.

In my office, new patients benefit from a 2 hour Comprehensive Evaluation. This evaluation thoroughly allows me to look at, in detail, all the systems and co-factors that make up your current clinical presentation. Most important to me is my initial discussion with YOU, the patient, to ask YOU why you are seeking my advice and what it is that YOU would like me to help you with. This outcomes based discussion allows us to get to know each other and allows me to really listen to and hear what your needs are.


My comprehensive evaluation includes 124 points of evaluation including:

  • A COMPLETE RADIOGRAPHIC SURVEY including updated Full Mouth Series with Bite-Wings and a Panoramic Radiograph.
  • A COMPLETE EXTRA AND INTRA-ORAL hard and soft tisue exam including a cancer examination.
  • A COMPLETE AESTHETIC (COSMETIC) EVALUATION of your dentofacial structures, tooth color, tooth position and arrangement, tooth profiles, aesthetic gum position and symmetry and how the current conditions or anticipated changes will integrate with a healthy biologic, functional and phonetic outcome.
  • A COMPLETE RESTORATIVE (YOUR EXISTING FILLINGS AND CROWNS) EVALUATION that looks at all the existing dental fillings, crowns, bridges, removable dentures, implant restorations and porcelain cosmetic fillings, crowns and veneers to determine if they are in good condition.
  • A TEMPORO-MANDIBULAR EVALUATION to screen and discuss how the TM jaw joint may effect your treatment. This includes a thorough muscle, joint and occlusal examination including Joint Vibration Analysis. JVA provides a fast, non-invasive, and repeatable measurement of TMJ function to aid in your diagnosis of TMJ function by quantifying vibration patterns in the joint with the use of a computer.
  • A COMPLETE OCCLUSION ANALYSIS of how your teeth meet and function. This includes the evaluation of wear patterns on your teeth and the influence of your neuro-muscular programming that dictates how you function. This function and parafunction (clenching and grinding) can profoundly influence your existing presentation AND is absolutely necessary to understand when planning any type of restorative dentistry.
  • A COMPLETE PERIODONTAL EVALUATION that evaluates pockets, tooth mobilities, gum recession, tissue biotypes, furcation involvements and the relationship between your existing dental work and your gum and bone biology.
  • STUDY CASTS and a functional bite recording to allow the evaluation of the relationships and positions of your teeth and bite in the laboratory.
Dr. Chasolen has spent many years developing an approach to comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning and management called the Chasolen Treatment Planning Quint. This organized approach to treatment planning has been taught to thousands of dentists around the world and allows the dentist to repeatedly, methodically and thoroughly consider all important points needed during a complete evaluation.